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With minimal equipment and supplies, a dedicated doctor cares for a sick child.

The work needed to rebuild Bandundu requires such a wide range of equipment, skills, people and finances, we are talking with people all over the world to get ideas and assistance.


Our team, including the board in Europe and the Congolese board, in concert with individuals and organizations around the world, are working on researching and finding answers to how we can help.

Some immediate issues are how to supply the area with:

  • Equipment, tools and parts for construction and farming
  • Farming and construction materials
  • Obtaining seeds for planting other types of food
  • Cook stoves which burn less fuel
  • Printing done within the country
  • How to get electricity

As we continue to research and plan with the Congolese leadership, we will finalize and prioritize projects and invite your participation as well. We need to address the most urgent issues while thinking long-term. Our Congolese leader said by email, “We’re hungry because we have no food. The people are crying.”

People are crying for hunger. We need to help, and together, we can help.

Please contact us with your ideas and resources.


Matende Clinic

The Bandundu region desperately needs funds to rebuild so that people can begin living productive, healthy lives, and the missions of Matende can become a place that provides practical resources for the surrounding villages.

They need help getting started, and our team is ready to help.

But we need funding. To provide supplies so that work can begin, we look to you for help. There is so much to do, everything from shipping seed so they can launch agriculture projects to nails they can use to rebuild schools and hospitals. Would you consider helping financially?

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