Congo Open Heart (Congo Coeur Ouvert in French) is an African association, registered and directed in the Democratic Republic of Congo with offices in Kinshasa.

The Congolese Board for Congo Cœur Ouvert:

Congo Open Heart operates under Congolese leadership, with a national secretary leading the board.

  • Eric Kumedisa is the official national secretary of Congo Cœur Ouvert. He organized the Congolese Board last fall and makes all arrangements for those traveling to help with the rebuilding.

The European Board of Congo Cœur Ouvert:

A European committee has formed to serve and assist the Congolese board as they launch major projects that will breathe new life into the Bandundu region. The European  committee of leaders provide skills and gifts to the work.

  • Gifted in organizing and planning, Pierre Osselaer, who works in banking, will formalize the financial side of Congo Open Heart and meet the other non-profit organizations to discuss forming strategic partnerships.
  • An engineer has offered to help set up the web site for Europe and Congo.
  • A veterinarian is interested in serving with the medical needs. She made many trips to Romania when their dictatorship fell.
  • The veterinarian’s son works in agriculture and plans to travel to DRC this summer to assist with the efforts to develop farmland to feed the people.
  • A religion teacher in public school who is also an outstanding musician will organize concerts and other fund-raising efforts.
  • Clement Kroeker has provided vision and critical information during the formation and development of Congo Open Heart. Clement travels regularly to DRC to serve as a liaison between the European committee and the Congolese leadership. He has served with Bibles and Literature in French (BLF) for over 50 years.

Bibles and Literature in French (BLF)

Congo Open Heart maintains financial accountability through Bibles and Literature in French (BLF) in the United States. Funding is desperately needed to get projects in motion and people all over the world are invited to participate in this endeavor.

  • BLF provides financial accountability, receiving the gifts and funds for Congo Open Heart. To learn more about BLF and find out ways to give, click HERE to visit its website. Please indicate “Congo Open Heart” as you donate, so that the funds are directed to that project.