The association Congo Open Heart has come into being to encourage the people groups, organizations and churches to work together in a cooperative effort to develop and rebuild the missions that were started in the heart of the Democratic Republic of Congo, in the heart of Africa: the region of Kikwit-Gungu-Idiofa.

Congo Open Heart is an African association, registered and directed in the Democratic Republic of Congo with offices in Kinshasa. It was started with the vision of Clement Kroeker, retired founder of Editeurs de Littérature Biblique, now BLF, who grew up in the area helping his parents with the pioneer work of starting these centers of action called missions. Each mission was a village, a campus with housing, schools, hospital, practical training centers for men and women, a beehive of activity until they were destroyed by the Mulele rebellion of 1963-1965.

The purpose is to facilitate and help the missions and surrounding villages to work together, to invest in their work and make it productive so that the partners can work without dependence on foreign donations. The missions will once again become centers of education, biblical training, medical and social help, providing people with the trades and resources needed to contribute to their families, their province, their country and even the world.

The strategy is to organize a development group in each rural mission. This group needs to unite the people of the mission and villages around activities that can bring them out of poverty and help them take on the responsibility of rebuilding their mission.

The motivation of the association comes from the metaphor of the heart that represents the soul strength of man that must be transformed. There must be a change of heart and behavior in order to have real authentic development of the human being and his social environment. Misery, suffering, poverty are often tied to human behavior. Congo Open Heart calls on as many synergies as possible so that the heart of Africa, that is the Congo, will no longer beat in misery but have…

♥ 1. a heart that beats with hope for a new life of joy, peace, progress and productivity

♥ 2. a heart that beats with new energy for spiritual, academic and productive training

♥ 3. a heart that seeks to put into practice new methods of communication, work, transportation, cultivation, eating and health care

♥ 4. a heart that comes out of lethargy to show that the new generation has vision and strength of character to roll up its sleeves, get its hands dirty, endure suffering and take on changes without waiting for imaginative or ephemeral help

♥ 5. a heart that quivers with a new vision to see the endless hills of wild grass transformed into cultivated fields to feed not only the people of its villages but the whole country and even the world that is falling into starvation

♥ 6. a heart that does not tire of conserving and maintaining the forests, buildings, roads, ports, navigable rivers as well as religious and democratic infrastructures

♥ 7. a heart that weeps for the sufferings, injustice, corruption, conflicts, violence, degradations and destruction

♥ 8. a heart full of compassion to nurse and care for people in need

♥ 9. a heart that prays, that recognizes it’s failures and shortcomings and asks God
to help

♥ 10. a heart that encourages the governments, international and local agencies to help the interior of the country and make it possible for the people to return there permanently to live and work.