Congo Trip Summer 2015 – August 10

Dear Friends,

We are praising the Lord with grateful hearts for the group that will be coming this weekend from France. The embassy in Paris finally granted the visas last Friday. Now we pray for each one as they prepare for the trip, their health, their finances, their testimony to friends and family who will be asking questions about the purpose of the trip; for Bruno, who will be directing the group and giving the seminar.

August 4

More unexpected detours on our trip home from Kikwit Tuesday. The truck was rolling along just fine but all of a sudden the motor started slowing down and stopped just two villages down the road from here. We ended up spending the night in Banda Muntini and meeting the folks there for the first time. They were so happy to meet us and the Christians of the village gave us a warm welcome, fixed beds and gave us food. Even the director of the school said how happy he was to have a chance to meet us. We pass by on the road each trip to Kikwit but never have time to stop. The next morning I went on to Matende in a jeep and by motorcycle. A mechanic from Kikwit came out to work on the truck but we ended up getting the tractor at Matende to go pull it back here.

August 7

The Doctor Eleazar came again to visit Matende and bring with him material purchased in Kikwit with funds from Congo Open Heart ($700). It is very important to get things set up and working in the Health Center now.

It was so sad when two children died this last month at Matende and last week a little brother came down sick – and the Doctor is treating him. The child is only 16 months old but (as is often the case) cared for during the daytime by a sister of only 5 or 6 years while the mother is far off working in the fields. The two small children play in the dirt there where the goats and pigs run free and can easily pick up diseases.

Please pray for this child and for the doctor that he might be assigned the position to take charge of the Health Center here at Matende. He would be such a valuable help to teach hygiene and health to these communities as well as to care for the sick.

I rode out on the tractor to visit the farm land to see what all is going on.

On the walk back up I was accompanied by a group of children showing me the path to take and waiting for me to slowly climb it. I was worn out to say the least.

August 8

The tractor got good use this past week. There are still trees to pull out and replant as hedges around the outside of the field, and young people are busy. Nelson is driving the tractor and trailor much of the time and it wouldn’t take much to get him to settle down here and stay permanently. His brother in Kikwit (Dieudonné) helps him do all the errands and buy parts for the tractor and trailor. His mom is here from Kinshasa helping also and will be directing the kitchen when the people come in for the three-day seminar with Bruno. She still remembers us from when we lived here at Matende with my parents, sister and 2 brothers back in 1950.

No sooner had the truck been fixed after the night in Banda Muntini, than it had to go out and come to the rescue. The trailor had a flat tire and the men had to go out and fix it. Truck, tractor and trailor all came rolling in to Matende at 8:30 p.m. piercing the black night with their headlights blazing with light.

We pray that the light of our Lord Jesus would shine out as brightly to the hearts of people living in all these villages around, transforming lives both in Congo and around the world.

Yours in Him,


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