Congo Trip Summer 2015 – Aug 25

August 25, 2015

Dear Friends,

The team was here at Matende all last week and the time went by very quickly. Their enthusiasm and joy is contagious and radiates to all those around. Each morning after breakfast together, Bruno leads in devotions, with focus on our mission here and then talks about the activities for the day.

From the beginning we all have felt the urgent need for a Health Center that functions. So the team has been doing all sorts of jobs to repair, renovate, clean, paint and fix up the dispensary and doctor’s office and operating room which serves as maternity ward. The young doctor has been treating the sick in one room while the team was busy painting walls in another room. One day a mother came in to give birth. With the noise of someone drilling with an electric drill on the other side of the wall, and the noise of a mother crying out in pain, the doctor delivered the baby. The baby was born without problems. The mother named the baby Pierette, after one of the ladies on the team who helped out. God is good. Since then another baby has been born.

Sunday morning Bruno shared in the church worship service. Roselie and others gave their testimony. There was a real spirit of fellowship in the Lord. Five choirs sang special numbers.That evening Simon was out playing soccer with the teen agers.

Once the roof and windows installed, the school building was ready to be put to use. People started arriving already Sunday evening for the seminar with Bruno on Community Health Evangelism. It began yesterday (Monday) and will continue through Wednesday. There are four large classrooms in this school building so one is used for the conference meeting hall, one for the dining hall where meals are served, one as men’s dormitory and the other for women’s dormitory.

Please pray that these pastors, teachers and lay leaders will be inspired and challenged during this week to see how God can use them in the task of building up the believers and reaching out to the lost through the Community Health Program. Thank you for standing behind us.


Matende, Congo

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