Congo Trip Summer 2015 – Update 2

July 11, 2015

Dear Friends,

It is hard to believe that we  are still blocked here in the city of Kikwit trying to fix the truck. The mechanics have been working on it since we got here last Monday. We do not always understand why the trials come our way, but God knows.

Tuesday July 7

Today we will try to make some purchases and find someone to fix the truck. The trip here was very difficult and very tiresome. We thought the problem was fixed but it wasn’t. We lost a lot of oil and fuel and finally the clutch got so much oil on it that we could barely make it up every hill. Twice we had to stop and let the clutch cool off and then on up the hill as slowly as possible.

Got to Kikwit at 7:30 p.m. last night.  Gerard Mambakila’s wife Julie gave us dinner and a room for me. The others are sleeping in the truck. During two days we had bananas and pineapples as our menu. Woke up very early this morning . Kikwit has no electricity or running water. The generator was running last night so I could partly charge my phone. We will discuss plans for the day; another day by faith and trusting God to work things out.

10 a.m. Praise the Lord, we found new oil pulp for the truck engine. Now looking for a mechanic. Will probably stay here until it gets fixed.

7:30  A hot day in Kikwit. There are children who bring water up to the house from a public faucet. Very few bathrooms in houses here. Mama Julie asked: “If I put water in your room will you wash?” “That would be wonderful,” I said. First shower since last Saturday in Kinshasa.

The mechanic worked on the truck all day welding a crack on the plate. David spent time ordering things for Matende.

Wednesday through Saturday July 8  – 11

Wednesday night the injectors are in place but after trying it out we decide the clutch needs to be changed. This takes most of Thursday. All day Friday trying to regulate the Injection Pump .The truck has been loaded with 140 sheets of tin roofing. Sacs of cement and other supplies we can buy here. David bought 10 mattresses for us to take to Matende for use next month when the group comes from France to help. But while waiting, he has already piled up a few for him to sleep on here. The truck is parked behind the Mennonite offices and buildings in a closed parking lot guarded by a Congolese.

I’ve had good conversations with people here, Gaston the financial director of the Mennonite Brethren Churches, etc. It is wonderful to have Nelson and his mother here because they have lived here in the past, know their way around and have many friends. What a good initiation for David to get familiar with the places he needs to shop, etc. We’ve had time here to re-charge the camera and the computor when the generator is running. Even walked down to the River Kwilu and David was able to take the canoe crossing to the other side and back. It still has river boats that carry merchandise but nothing like in days past when it was the main means of transportation and carrying palm oil and rubber down to the port to be shipped around the world.

Sunday July 12

Still can’t get the truck motor to run fast enough. Phoned to a friend in Belgium for advice.

Today a Pastor friend here in Kikwit found another truck and we will use it tomorrow to take the load to Matende and not wait longer for the other one to get fixed.

Continue to pray. We trust that you have a good Sunday wherever you are.

Bud, David and Nelson

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