Congo Trip July 2014 – Update 6

Nelson Kayamba, driving truck

Nelson Kayamba, driving truck

Wednesday, August 6

Here we are in Kinshasa after two days of driving.

The computer works here. All the emails since July 20 have stacked up. Finally I can send a few photos and write a few lines. Sure is easier to type on the computer instead of the cell phone messages, especially in a bouncing truck. I was afraid the computer would not work because the battery was dead and the computer very hot.

We are anxiously waiting for our dinner to arrive because we were too late to order here at the center. Nelson likes his cup of coffee in the morning and we stopped at a marché in a village and the lady boiled some weak coffee for us and someone went to get some powdered milk and sugar. The only milk they sell is in little packages enough for one cup of coffee like Nescafé.  Otherwise haven’t had a meal for two days.

Well, David is grateful for the experience this trip has provided and says he will never be the same, it has changed him.

He is happy he could have a decent shower for once even though the shower does not work and water in the bucket for that use is cold. This place is nice in that it is very clean and quiet.

Driving down from Kikwit we tried to contact David Dehan, but no success. His phone would not reply and we asked many people how to get to his farm but they didn’t know. So we finally just came on into Kinshasa. Hubert Miyimi said he is coming by to see me, probably this evening. And I will meet Scott Shannon tomorrow.

Thursday, August 7

This day in Kinshasa is coming to an end. We had a hard time finding World Vision because they have moved and the Marie-Claire Zaina was not there. But we have a rendez-vous with her at 9 tomorrow. We will go from there right to the check in at Brussels Airlines still called SABENA by everyone here.

Tried going to UNICEF and were well received there by Anne Cécile Vialle and another man. They were very friendly. They have the programs Villages Assainis and Ecoles Assainies. They have an office in Kikwit. This may be a good contact for the future since they are actively promoting health education and prevention in the villages.

This morning I had a good talk with Nzusi Mukawa of ESC, CHE (Community Health Evangelism) who also teaches at the School for Missionary Training. He seems to be a very fine man.Hope we can begin to work together in the days to come.

So we will pack and be ready to leave here at 8 tomorrow morning, breakfast at 7:30. Erik will come by at 7 and we will meet Nelson in town.

Tomorrow afternoon we head out to the airport and get our flight back to Belgium. Will be good to be home.

Thanks for your prayers and gifts which helped make this trip possible.


David Torrini on roof in Congo

David Torrini finishing off the home-made rain gutters and connection to the cistern.


Men work on roof of house where we sleep

Men work on roof of house where we sleep


Road after leaving highway

Road after leaving highway

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